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Dr Harshlata Ladda

Dr. Harshlata Ladda

MBBS DGO FRM EART (Infertility specialist)

Dr. Harshlata Ladda is one of the best infertility specialists in Marathwada region known for her work in the field of IVF and Infertility Treatment. She has been praised and awarded by Maharshtra Governor Mr. Bhagtshing Ji Koshyari at Rajbhav in the month of August 2021. Samarth hospital has fully qualified and dedicated team which helps the infertile couple to bring their dream of becoming proud parents in reality.

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Exclusive Interview with Dr. Harshlata Ladda

Your IVF journey or story?

When I was in kerala with my husband while he was pursuing his post-graduation, I visited CIMAR Eddapal , and gave interview for IVF & ART Fellowship . I got admission and continued my interest field. In one year of fellowship I learn so many things related to this field and built-up my confidence.

What motivates you in this field?

While I was doing my post-graduation in obstetrics and gynecology I came across infertility couples. I realized there that this field is vast and require proper education and training. I could not see the pain & sufferings of female partner when she was childless. Being female I could feel that pain. And decided to keep working for such females. When I give pregnancy to infertile couple, happiness on their face motivates me to work more for them.

Which type of patients needs IVF treatment?

There are different indications in male and female partner

In female – if her age is advancing , sever PCOS , sever endometriosis , multiple IUI failures , plastered abdomen . bilateral tubal block etc

In male partner—sever oligospermia , sever asthanospermia , azoospermia ,etc.

How you explain infertility to a layman & handle their emotional needs?

Counseling is back bone of the treatment of infertility and IVF . we counsel the couple in local language by  giving examples of their day to day life . we are having sympathetic and empathetic approach . we have many audio and  videos clips related to  each and every problem of infertility in very simplified language , we explain each and every minute details and try to gain their confidence.  we have animated videos as well so those, we use to make them aware of their problems and we show them the solutions with the help of animated video.

What are the modern techniques in IVF?


How do you do good patient care?

In reality infertile couple needs proper counseling which we provide in first visit only .we provide all treatments of infertility under one roof. We provide all state of the art and modern facilities using all modern equipments and expert hands with more than 10 years experience.

How you suggest the financial implications in the treatment to be taken care of?

Patients should take proper treatment with utilizing money for exact purpose. Many infertile couple wastes their money by going to quacks, less experts and they get exhausted there and then only. See IVF if done in proper way is really an costly affair.  So taking EMI facilities or hospital charges paid in phase wise manner or choosing different money saving plan which we have can reduce financial burden on infertile couple.

What things make ideal scenario for patient & doctor to be made for each other?

First of all, patient should choose a right doctor for them. Now a day’s internet is a wise platform. You can go to web site, see the reviews, see the experience, see the facilities available and then take a stand. Patients should firstly satisfy themselves by asking all possible questions in mind. Should be able to understand the limitations of ART treatments. Should not always demand 100% success, that is practically not possible . trust your doctor. Follow the instructions given time to time. take proper medications. And even doctor also should be able to clarify all doubts of patients, doctor should give sufficient time to patient to solve his all quires before starting treatments. Doctor should not give any wrong and unusual expectations to his patients.

How you deal with sperm donors, who look to make money from it?

Becoming a sperm donor is not an easy task. You have to go through many tests and your sperm count should match the standard set.  Yes off course you can make money from it , but now all ART centers has to follow guidelines given by government,  so not to discuss this issue more on this platform.

Most challenging cases, Is IVF a complex thing to opt? If you want to describe?

In my 12 years of practice I have seen so many complicated cases and fortunate to give success in many of them.

In my early practice I came across two ladies with multiple abortions one was having heart shaped uterus and one was having a full septum from vagina to uterus. I could diagnose both could & treat them well and gave both of them a cute baby.

Then I came across a young lady with very small uterus, which was practically difficult to make out. We could increase her uterus size and after IVF she gave birth to a cute baby.

One lady in her late 50s we gave her twins, with the help of IVF.

One lady was having very bad uterus from inside due to TB, she was told that she will not become mother by any way. We gave her one trial of IVF , first did her hysteroscopy , tried to create a good cavity and IVF was done subsequently. She also gave birth to a cute baby in first attempt only.

There are so many challenging cases I came cross , now remember few of them , as they were of my beginning phase , so very close to my heart.

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