FertilityFirst IVF Centre Malappuram

Dr Sharath Devdas

Dr. Sharath P Devdas

MBBS MS OBGYN Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (FRM)
Advance training in Infertility

Doctor Devdas is known for his commitment to his patient’s dreams. He approaches each individual case with utmost openness and respect. His global experience has given him unique skills and knowledge that goes beyond medicine.


Fertility First is devoted to realising a couple’s dream of having children. As the name suggests, we are only committed to the cause of fertility and not any of the particular means to reach it. Our core values are rooted in sincerity, care and providing the highest form of medical care while upholding the highest of ethical standards.

Every aspect of the clinic is designed to give comfort, privacy and a sense of security to the couple. Our team is highly trained not only in medical care but also in nurturing the emotional wellbeing of the families who seek our services At Fertility First, we are devoted to your dream and committed to bringing it to life with thorough study, evidence-based diagnostics, advanced treatment protocols and honest care.

High success rate Advanced Embryology lab with state of the art manipulators and incubators IVF/ICSI/IMSI Advanced sperm selection with MACS/Microfuidics/DFI testing

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    FertilityFirst IVF Centre, HMS Hospital, NH Palathara, Kottakal Malapuram - Kerala